About Bridge

Established in 2003, The Bridge Company (The Bridge) is an international service provider that offers comprehensive logistics and life support to U.S. government agencies, U.S. Department of Defense, Coalition Forces and civilian contractors.

Due to its profound adherence to best practices based on creating time value, solving problems and supplying knowledgeable resources needed to successful projects implementation, The Bridge is considered a market leader in extending a wide range of reliable services; from manpower supply, sponsorships, housing, transportation, equipment & vehicle lease, dining facilities, constructions to many other special requirements.

Since inception, The Bridge have revealed great commitment to business norms and ethical values. In a like manner, the company has managed to build an outstanding reputation for features such as product quality, creative performance as well as customers centricity. These merits has earned the company an elite competitive status as a preferable foreign partner seeking to execute long or short term contracts in Kuwait, GCC, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Germany, Poland and other African markets as well.

No doubt, The Bridge liquidity, solvency and ability to raise, deploy, and service capital flow have represented a solid standing of its overall financial power.