Dining Facility Service

The Bridge provides a quality turnkey solution in support of the food service program with flexible, efficient, and cost-effective mixture. We are expert in securing dining facility management, food preparation, headcount, and food sanitation services.

Thanks to our direct experience In managing more than 20 dining facilities, our company brings lessons learned, and applies best practices in the following functional areas:

  • Offering timely, consistent, convenient, and quality food services
  • Providing food choices of meals that meet normal nutritional requirements
  • Performing preliminary food preparation procedures
  • Setting up service lines, garnishing food items, and applying food protection and sanitation measures in military fields and garrison environments
  • Receiving and storing subsistence items
  • Performing general housekeeping duties
  • Operating, maintaining, and cleaning military field kitchen equipment
  • Performing preventive maintenance on garrison and military filed kitchen equipment
  • Ordering, receiving, and inspecting meat, fish, fruit and vegetable items
  • Cooking, baking, preparing gravies and sauces
  • Cleaning ovens, stoves, mixers, pots and utensils
  • Achieving and maintaining occupational skills to meet operational readiness and requirements